Defining Oneself – Labels

People can, and people will put labels on you.
The funny guy, the snob, the mediocre, the ugly, the sweetheart, the blogger, the cook, the artist, and the many other thes.

I do that, you do that, we all do; it’s a natural thing to do, consciously or not.  It helps our brain organize the files in our head in order to remember about that particular person.
It is the same reason why we put tags and categories on our blog posts, or hashtags on our twits. It helps us to identify and retrieve the files for future use.

People put labels on other people based on their interpretation about that person. Their interpretation is, upon the very first encounter, based on what their physiological senses tells them. From a distance, with no physical contact, it’s what they see, what they hear, and what they smell. These define one’s first impression.

What they see, what they hear, and what they smell from you depends on what you wear, your body language, what you talk about, what perfume you are using… or whether you bathe regularly. :p

Ultimately, it is how you carry yourself and it is about what you do. Yes, it is you who is responsible for the labels they put on you.

They can, and they will put labels on you; they need to.

If it’s the correct labels you want them to give, it’s good. If it’s the right image you wanted to portray, it’s awesome. But if it’s not, change it.

Don’t fall into their trick* and believe that you are what you were labelled. You shall not label yourself. You don’t have to and you don’t need to. Why limit yourself?

Label gives you comfort; it makes you believe that you have ‘found yourself’; it gives you an ‘identity’ and a sense of self-worth. But have you really find yourself? Is it really you?

If you’ve found you, will you someday change? 🙂



* Sometimes we purposefully give the wrong tag for who knows what; good/bad cause, manipulative attempts, decoy, code to self, popularity, number of hits, site traffic #eh. And it is very easy for people to believe and go with the majority. We simply agree and put a label on something just because the majority put that label too.

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