Post-event report

A diary is supposed to be made daily, right? I’m trying to keep up here although I don’t really feel like writing anything today X(

Today the sun greeted me on her way down. :”> it is my lazy dumzy day~ I don’t feel like doing anything and my family didn’t plan anything either, so yea. Well, it’s my big bro’s birthday, but upon his own request, we’re staying at home and only had a simple birthday dinner.

(Oh, I wanted to touch up the cheesecake I made the previous night but I didn’t have any whip cream to top it with.. and somehow I am sooo scared that it’s a failure that I didn’t even touch it, nevermind giving it to my bro. hahahaa..)

So i distracted myself; washed the dishes, organized my baking stuff and with no prior planning asked my lil bro to go with me for a shop and also buy my big bro a birthday cake 😀

We bought this Macadamia Nut – Strawberry ice cream cake from Haagen Dazs. It took a while for me n my lil bro to pick this cake.. normally we would choose Belgian chocolate or any chocolatey ice cream, but there wasn’t any. But thank goodness it tasted great! Haagen Dazs FTW!! 😀 😀

(Sorry if the picture didn’t really say it.. I didn’t have much time to take pic as I’m afraid it’s gonna melt.. if it’s not then it’s my drool that’s gonna melt :-9~)

Haagen Dazs "Macadamia Nuts - Strawberry" ice cream cake

As for the dinner, we ordered some food from Chung Hua (yes, it’s a chinese resto); capcay, fuyunghai, mayo fried prawns, and  of course the compulsory birthday noodle (It’s a chinese tradition thingy that my family still goes with and I’ll gladly accept~ noodles! yumm! ❤ )

So there it goes; my koko’s birthday dinner. No fancy celebration. Just a warm family sharing a yummy birthday noodle and a heavenly birthday cake. ❤

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