Let’s Blog!

There are only very few friends who know that I blog. Yesterday, my siblings-by-choice, Sivali, found out about this blog and said that he’s gonna pay a visit and see if i wrote anything about him. (hello, val! this one’s from and for you ;D)

He said that he, too, had always wanted to write a blog; to improve his writing skill, grammar, vocab, etc. “You will always have room to improve”, he said. And yes, I agree; this is the reason why I blog in English 😉

“To some times keep a record on how your life progress.. It might be good to train your memory.” –> Again, I strongly agreed. This is the ultimate reason why I started blogging. I have a very poor memory. Refer to my very first post and you’ll see *LOL*

“Writing a blog makes me sound whiny.” –> As long as it is the truth, I think it’s good for our mental health to pour out whatever we’re thinking and feeling. I think writing a blog is the safest way to channel our emotions out. You can always opt for anonymity 😉 Also,when the emotions have toned down and you chilled and reread what you posted, you can have some good laugh! :))

I wrote crazily ridiculous stuff when I’m emotional.. and rereading them helps me learn more about myself; how I dealt with different circumstances and how to improve it.

“Unfortunately my life’s so damn boring and monotonous. Well, not for me, but it might be for the others.” –> I believe we all started out thinking this way. I did.. and I still do. But hey, if they think it’s boring, they can stop reading it. It’s one click away. It’s as simple as that. :p

And guess what, I don’t always have fireworks to share. My days are oh-so-regular. I am not that passionate yet about my life or work, I don’t have that near death experience once a week, I don’t travel/cook/read everyday. But I do learn everyday. Be it something new, or just a reminder of something that has been forgotten. Be it as simple as the importance of writing a blog; I re-learned. 😉

Today I’m sharing this with you, so that, one day, shall I ever forgot, I will have you to remind me back. 😉

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