Defining Oneself – part 1

My friend, Kei, once twitted.. that we are the result of our surrounding. We copy the traits that we conscious / unconsciously think we need to survive.. to cope with our environment. (This isn’t his exact word, it’s mine, but as long as you get it that’s fine :p)

There’s no such thing as being ‘born as an introvert’; we can manipulate ourselves to become who we want to become..

I personally couldn’t agree more. If anyone of you watched the 2011 3D animation Rango, you’d understand. Let me quote him here:

 “Who am I? I could be anyone.”

The story goes like this: A very ordinary family pet chameleon got stranded somewhere in the desert, talked big and boast about the crazy adventure he’d been through. People bought it, made him a sheriff, and so he becomes a hero.

You see.. at first it’s a pretend. after a while it becomes you.

Our mind defines us. Our habit defines us. What we think, we become.


Now, why do I blogged this today?

(Well, I wanna go deeper into the matter, but let’s not get too serious for now ;p )

I had always been amazed by how ACCURATELY described I was by my blood type and zodiac, etc. (from what I read in websites, magazines, etc.)

I was like “WHOA! This is soooo me!” and *hit the retweet button*

I thought my blood type was O. I believed sooo strongly that I’m an O and THOSE are the characters that I possessed. So I lived as an O.

There were some popular Korean comic strips circulating a few years back, picturing the characters of each blood type and how they usually behave in certain situations. It went viral; everyone around me talked about it, and yes, my friends believed I’m an O.

But you know what.. for more than 22 years.. I was wrong. They were wrong.

I’m an A 🙂

*Reconfirmed by today’s blood test, first announced 2011. LOL

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