An Empty Smile

This is a random thought that crossed my mind upon reading a twit.. an insecure twit, I’d say, from the so-called master of love. 🙂

Ironic, you see, how a guy who teaches hundreds or maybe thousands of other guys on how to love, how to have a healthy relationship, is himself scared to love wholeheartedly.. afraid that he, the master, might fail. Humane, but still ironic.

He blanket his heart with cushions and tricks.. giving out his head, but not his heart.

He smiles a lot.. but it didn’t shine through. It’s a sad, insecure, empty smile.

I hope one day you will find your way and actually live. It’s such a cliche, but really, life’s too short.. the longer you ponder about it, the shorter chance you have to actually live it. 🙂

“The thing about teachers/preachers: they know, but they don’t necessarily do. Listen closely but don’t follow blindly. 🙂 “ – jenisaurus

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