All About Charming (English Translation)

As promised, here’s the translation (based on my interpretation; CMIIW) Yaaayy!! 😀

“Surely we’ve all met charming people. We don’t know exactly what we felt, but these people shine in their own way”

“What is ‘charming’? You all might have different answers, but we agreed that charming people attracts; we want them, we long to meet them again.”

“Summing up from these charming people, I came to the conclusion that they have 1 thing in common: they have TRAINED social skill.”

“If you want to be charming, it’s fairly easy.. as long as you want to socialize. Without it, just keep dreaming.”

“Being a charming person helps you a lot not only in romance, but in work and universe.”

“Let’s go through bits by bits on how to be charming.. Trust me, it works #notsponsored”

“The basic rule on becoming charming is GROOMING, bro! Be clean, neat, fragrant, fresh. You have to be comfortable before making other people feel comfortable around you.”

“Charming is 50% inner, 50% outer. You look shabby and dingy and hope to be charming? Be a goat.”

“You don’t have to wear Zara or Topman to be charming. Look tidy, fresh and smell nice; that would be enough to bring out that little light within you.”

“Be proud about your body and how you look, thus you’ll gain confidence. When you’re confident, nervousness will be gone in a poof.”

“Always introduce your friend/partner to the others as you met. This will expose your influence/prestige without playing commander in charge.”

“‘Bro, this is Shelly, the girl who’s awesome at making me laugh.. and Shelly, this is Brian, my very good friend who’s always there during my ups and downs. ‘ Introducing LIKE A BOSS!”

“Remember others’ names. The businessmen know exactly how important this is, but you don’t have to be a businessman to be able to do this, do you?”

“When you remember the other’s name on your second meeting, that person will feel important. Thus to that person you will shine more than the others.”

“Why is it important to remember others’ name? Because “The sweetest sound to a person’s ear is their own name.” Dale Carnegie”

“When you run across someone, try calling them by their first name instead of ‘bro’ or ‘sis’, and feel the difference!”

“Acknowledge others. Give compliment in public. This is cool, this boost your prestige, this is charming.”

“If all that comes out of your mouth is about you and your creativity, you will sound boastful. give credits to the others too please.”

“When you give others credit, it implies that your friends/colleagues are cool people, you are in a cool community!”

“Still in regards of giving credits, if a charming person receives a credit, that person will accept it in a dashing way.”

“When someone praised you, DO NOT play shy and say ‘you’re too nice, i’m not that great’ or become big-headed and over-flatter yourself. That praise will become void.

“‘Wow, you look great today!’ | ‘ah, no, you’re too flattering’ is a lame way to accept a compliment. Yes, lame.

“‘You look great in shirts’ | ‘it’s just a coincidence.. it’s just the shirt.’ — this is stupid-lame-awkward respond to a compliment.”

“Boy: ‘Dude, you’re so cool!’ | *brotherly hug* ‘Thanks dude, we’re cool guys..’ <– this is MAN – charming, full stop!”

“Girl: ‘Hey, you look great in shirts’ | *look at her eyes* *smile* ‘Thank you..’ <– the rest is up to you”

“Girl: ‘I like it when you show up on time’ | *look at her eyes*
‘I know..’ <– don’t forget to SMILE”

“Because a praise is a gift from the other to you, it is impolite to throw back or reject right away. Accept it sweetly.”

“And the most important element in becoming a charming person is… *fireworks*”

“The most important element that will also close our topic is SMILE. Not just a smile, but a sincere smile.”

“A sincere smile involves the eyes. Eyes become smaller and the eyebrows slide lower. this is the peak of 50 types of smile. Of course the most charming one.”

“So, bye for now. Thanks for the attention and all the non-formal promotion, I appreciate it most. Be charming, not kambing (goat) :)”

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