A Renewed Blog!

Hi! It’s been quite a long while since i last write. I know no one will be reading this as I’ve never really published this blog before.. well, because i’ve been hiding it from the public.

I used to think that it was stupid to write about one’s life. Who would want to know about it anyway? Pshh. I mean, you think you are famous or something?? XD

But come to think of it.. after years and years of living and breathing internet.. i came to the realization that: the things that I learned from the internet (i.e. a lot) actually came from people’s experience.. awesome people who are willing to spare their time to write and share their knowledge. They are such wonderful people!

This didn’t dawn on me yesterday or so. In fact, it’s been months.. but apparently I was afraid and too lazy to start. Afraid that i might make a mistake, open up my whole bunch of stupidity and ridiculousness, etc. Afraid that i might get condemned. And lazy.. well.. just lazy. (But hey, i just found out theres an app for WP! This will ease my blog update faster, yayy!).

Anothee thing that I learned: do not trust your memory; write things down!

So this is my vow: I will share here whatever experiences I don’t want to and shall not forget, knowledge I’ve gained and all the interesting stuff i came across.

First and foremost, I am here to help myself. But i sincerely hope this blog will one day be useful to you too. 🙂

Your friend,

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