a flash of light

A greater power is watching over me.

It made me went through troubles and boulders.

It got me feeling down, battered, hurt, weak and defeated.

In my mind i condemn myself for being such a useless creature.

For being such a fool.. a weakling..

“I was just a victim.. a pitiful person. so pity me!”

But for some reason.. after so many times of trials.. never have i been able to express this out to the world.

because the reason i was put into so much trouble is not just to bring me down

but also to value every bit of happiness and virtue that comes after the pain.

It didn’t want me to be pitied, to be looked down upon.. because I am NOT a victim.

because I have better life than many others.

because there are much more in me to be proud about than there is to be pitied upon.

It didn’t take me long to realize though.

it’s not a newly discovered idea.

because that understanding has always been there deep within.

it’s me who has been refusing to see that light.

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