*edit.. edit.. edit..*

a few days ago i decided to buy a personal book and write my minds on it instead of blogging.

it turns out to be pretty effective. within a few days i found out just how forgetful i am. damn shit.

what’s the difference with blogging? first of all, it’s portable and easy to fill in anytime anywhere. secondly, no editting possible! i can cross out mistyped words, but never the whole paragraph! that’d be too obvious.

so what happened was… i didn’t wrote a note for one certain day, and the next day tried to revive what happened on that day and wrote it down. I simply wrote down whatever things that came to mind before i suddenly realized that THAT was not what happened!! i was writing the same journal entry i did 2 days before. I MISSED A DAY WITHOUT NOTICING IT! i wasted a day. 24 useless hours. 1440 meaningless minutes. 86400 forgotten seconds. damn.

what a shame.

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